Zywiec Brewery Museum
The Museum is placed at the lowest level of the Zywiec Brewery in what used to be a beer maturing cellar. The unique exhibits showing the long history of both: the Zywiec Brewery and the brewing industry as well are to be found in 18 rooms (the area of 1600 square meters).

The tour of the Museum begins in  the 'Three Elements Chamber', where beer making ingredients are shown. In the rooms to follow you can see exhibits, which help you to understand the way of making beer throughout the years. The museum has also reconstructed a XIX century street and a Galician Inn so you can feel the ambience of the past.

Part of the exhibition shows the history of the Brewery in between the wars, the period of the II World War, the communism era and up to date.

The exposition is enriched with flat screen panels and special sound effects, which make you feel like being a part of the history.

The tour of the Museum and the beer tasting takes about 1,5 hour, whereas the tour of the Museum and the Brewery takes about 2,5hrs. It will not only enrich you with the knowledge of beermaking, but  it might leave you slightly intoxicated as well.

Museum ticket prices:
–    18zl – Museum tour plus free gift and beer or juice tasting (0,5l),
–    11zl – under-aged - Museum tour plus free gift and juice tasting (0,3l),
–    21zl – Museum and Brewery tour plus free gift and beer or juice tasting (0,5l)


The Zywiec Brewery Museum tour is organized for groups:

Email us and we will send you a prompt and detailed reply including the cost of  transportation, tour guide and extras you may wish to book.

  • dinner at the brewery (fantastic deal for larger groups),
  • stop at the picturesquely situated Inn in Koniakow village,
  • stop at the Lace Museum/Gallery in Koniakow, the Jan Kawulok Cottage Museum etc...

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