Logistic challenges
Coach hire for large events – logistic challenges.
Providing services for large groups of passengers might be a logistic challenge.
If you are looking for a company with experience in coach hire for large events and offering large vehicles then you have come to the right place. RAPIDO bus & coach specializes in transfers for up to 1000 people travelling for symposia, conferences, etc.

With big events it is important to ensure that everything goes as planned.  However complicated the logistics, our experienced coordinators help you organize them successfully (the number of  coordinators at your disposal depends on group size).

Shuttle transfers - (elegant minibuses and coaches) – high-quality mobility solutions for conferences and other events,  even in difficult terrain and bad weather. Please read on to find out more... read more...

Conferences  – comprehensive passenger transport services: before, during and after an event. With many participants, conferences need tailor-made solutions to ensure mobility, safety and comfort, for airport, hotel and mobility transfers. See what we can do for you… read more...

Large groups - (more than 200 passengers, more than 4 coaches) – sporting and corporate events, ski competitions, parties, etc. Read more about our coach hire services for large groups… read more...

Why choose us for your event:
  • extensive experience in providing services for large groups of passengers;
  • strong, knowledgeable  and customer-orientated team;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • diverse fleet of minibuses and coaches;
  • reliable Polish and European business partners;
  • we are continually used for events considered to be logistic challenges.
We cooperate with the most popular hotels in the area of Southern Poland on a regular basis:
Hotels: Gołębiewski, Stok, Klimczok, Orle Gniazdo, Patria
Towns: Katowice, Pszczyna, Wisła, Ustroń, Szczyrk, Bielsko-Biała

Our fleet:
  • 12 minibuses
  • 12 coaches
For services booked well in advance:
  • Up to 20 minibuses, 25 drivers (including twelve 4x4 minibuses);
  • Up to 20 coaches and 44 drivers
Large groups and large events require specific coach hire solutions. Excellent communication is the key to success and knowing exactly what your client needs is crucial to providing great service. With over 11 years experience, RAPIDO is professional, reliable and well-prepared for logistic challenges.

Whatever your coach hire requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Logistic Challenges Department
The RAPIDO bus & coach team

Groups, corporate customers:
Irish number:
+48 32 728 10 53
mobile: +353 87 655 31 52

mail: info@rapido.com.pl
email: info@rapido.com.pl
mobile: +48 504 200 618
www: www.rapido.com.pl
www: www.rapido.com.pl

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