Bread cottage

Cultural and didactic attraction suitable for all ages.

An incredible tourist attraction in Gorki Wielkie. During practical classes offered by the Cottage participants will become accustomed to duties and realities of the past life. Not only will you be able to see how bread is made, but you will be allowed to do it yourself.  The same applies to the process of making a home-made butter: separating cream from milk, churning butter, making cottage cheese, etc... And in the end you can taste the fruit of your loom with other home made delicacies such as lard or honey from the Cottage's own apiary.

You can chose the time you want to spend in the cottage according to three options we have prepared for you:

Option 1
(approximately 1 hour)

  • getting to know basic grains and their use,
  • getting to know the machinery used in olden days to cultivate
  • and work the grains,
  • discussion about butter and cottage cheese making processes,
  • lecture on honey collection, some interesting facts from the life of bees.

Option 2 (1 + 2)
(approximately 2 hours)

  • threshing grains with flails, grinding grains in a traditional hand-mill,
  • flour sifting,
  • flat cakes preparation and baking,
  • flat cakes tasting: with home made butter, honey or lard.

Option 3 (1 + 2 + 3)
(approximately 3 hours)

  • separating cream from milk,
  • butter churning, 
  • cottage cheese making process,
  • tasting of the goods made.

The trip to the Bread Cottage includes: 
  • transportation from and back to a chosen place in a comfortable coach or minibus, drive along the road of Ustron Zawodzie with a lovely mountain view,
  • one of the Option chosen.

Extras availble:

  • drive to Rownica mountain – panoramic view from the top (restaurants: Czarcie Kopyto, Zbojnicka Chata; Extreme Park – activity park),
  • chairlift to Czantoria Mountain (summer toboggan run), 
Trips to Bread Cottage are organized for following groups:
–    minibus: group from 2 – 8 persons,
–    coach: group from 8 - 100 people and more.

Email us and we will send you a prompt and detailed reply including the cost of   transportation, entrance fees and extras you may wish to book.

* Entrance only prior to an advanced booking.

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