The Presidential Castle
The Presidential Castle in Wisla Czarne was built in years 1929 - 1930 in a place of a previously burnt Habsburgian hunting castle. The Presidential castle was a gift from the people of Silesia for Ignacy Moscicki, the President of the Republic of Poland back then, and his successors.

Efforts to bring the castle back under the care of the President of the Republic of Poland began in the early 90s. Thanks to the support of the town council as well as some local organizations they were successful and the castle went back under the Presidential care in 2002. Aleksander Kwasniewski, the President back in 2002, initiated a complex renovation of the castle, so it could  match the modern requirements for a Presidential residence.

The tour programme:
The tour begins either in the city centre or at a place chosen by the group. (Group from 6 people up can book an individual tour of the castle). It continues towards Wisla Czarne, where a stop can be made by the small Dam (known for the trout farming) on the Wisla river, and  finally arriving at the Castle.
At the Castle complex you can visit the President's Residency, the Upper Castle, where a current president often spends his holidays.  Next to the Castle there is a beautiful small Tyrolese chapel from year 1909, a reminder of the Habsburgs.
On the way back there is a walk on the Czarne Lake Dam, then a drive through the ski jump, named after Wisla's world famous ski jumper, Adam Malysz.

  • entrance to the Castle with a guide,
  • transportation,
  • care of the tour pilot/ guide,
  • Czarne Lake Dam,
  • small Dam in Wisla Czarne,
  • Adam Malysz Ski Jump,
  • skiing museum,]
  • drive to a hill – panoramic view of Wisla,
  • Adam Malysz's Gallery (world famous ski jumper)

Important Notice:
–    you can enter the Residence only with a valid photo ID (Passport, Driving licence)
–    5 days booking must be made prior to the tour date.

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