Sleigh Ride
Sleigh / wagon riding parties.

Sleigh/wagon rides, local specialities, folk band, hotel transfer – all-inclusive sleigh ride packages (for groups of 3 to 300 people)

Along the most beautiful valley in Wisła, following the serpentine course of the Biała Wisełka – a  crystal clear mountain stream. The valley is deep and serene, with the hillsides covered in tall bottle green spruces. In such wonderful surroundings, a trip by a horse-drawn sleigh or wagon is an unforgettable experience. Feel the magic of a sleigh ride and have lots of fun!

By a luxury minibus or coach along the dam, then by traditional horse-drawn sleighs or wagons.

What (to eat)?
Warm yourself up in a wooden hut with a large open fire.  The glow of the fire, delicious local cuisine,  and the nice and cosy interior make the hut an ideal destination for sleigh riders.  Grill a sausage over an open fire and sip a glass
of mulled wine or beer.

Summer or winter rides (horse-drawn sleighs or wagons) for groups of 3 to 300 people.

Basic sleigh/wagon riding package includes:

•    minibus or coach transfer (from and back to hotel)
•    horse-drawn sleigh or wagon ride along the Biała Wisełka valley
•   lunch/dinner in a wooden hut with an open fire (sausages, bread, tea)
•    tour guide or entertainer

Additional options:

•    local or traditional Polish cuisine – please have a look at the menu
•    folk band
•    storyteller
•    entertainment programme and/or team building activities:  e.g. handsaw wood cutting (in pairs), ‘hostages’, fake hold-up, team games etc.

Sleigh/wagon rides available all year round.

Local or traditional Polish cuisine available – please check out the menu.

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