Local cuisine
Sleigh ride menu – gourmet meals , great accompaniments, traditional recipes.

1. Basic menu (included in every sleigh/wagon ride package): sausages (to be grilled over an open fire), bread, mustard and tea.

2. For fuller meals, choose from the extended menu below (orders to be placed for the whole group, different orders for individual persons in a group not available).

Hot soups – perfect for cold winter days
  • Kwaśnica  – healthy and delicious, traditional , typical of the Polish mountain area: sauerkraut, meat, spices
  • Żurek – traditionally Polish, thick and nourishing, full of tasty accompaniments, can be served in bread (from the best bakeries in Wisła)
Meat – juicy and tender
  • Świńska Kita – pickled pork ham, spiced, served hot with cooked buckwheat groats  and browned cabbage
  • Krupniok  – white pudding,  traditional, typical of the Polish mountain area, served with bread, best eaten with vodka pork neck  – marinated and grilled

Crispy bread spread with:
  • seasoned lard (mixed with pork cracklings and onion), served with gherkins
  • Bryndza (ewe milk cheese) – lightly salted, soft, mixed with butter for better spreading

Local hors d’oeuvre:
  • Oscypek – smoked  ewe milk cheese with cranberry preserve,  served cold or grilled over an open fire
  • big baked potato with Bryndza (ewe milk cheese)

Dessert – Kołocz Wiślański – traditional cheesecake

Warming  beverages:
  • mulled wine
  • mulled beer
  • original herb tea
  • coffee
  • Miodunka – honey vodka liqueur (served during entertainment and team building programmes only)