Ski-buses are transporting skiers and snowboarders, events  participants. Our buses and coaches will take u straight to the platform of the ski station – it is right transport,  to the right place, just on time, with comfortable 4x4 vehicles. Dividing of payment for 8 passengers makes ski buses  very comfortable and economically reasonable alternative. 
See our fleet, order, get contact information, get a quote. 
RAPIDO bus & Cach is providing comprehensive logistics solutions for individuals and corporate custommers. Our coaches, buses, jeeps, snowmobiles, ATVs are always availble.
We are providing: 
  • Skibus for individuals,
  • Skibuses for groups,
  • Skibuses for organizers of events, entertainments,
  • Complex organization of transport for groups and companies
  • Advertising, promotional campaigns - see photos of the lastest campaign. 
Ordering Skubis You do not have to be worry about such things as: 
  • Parking fees,
  • Damage to your car on snowy and icyroads,
  • You can taste the warming-up drink heavily and do not worry about the safety on the road and your driving license. 
During all winter season our ski-ski buses transporting  skiers along with the equipment directly to the ski-station platforms, avoid the stress and difficulty related to the driving car on snow-covered roads, you do not have to pay for parking, you can taste the hot wine or any other local alcohol specialties. 
Summer and winter our fleet of skibuses, buses and  coaches  is availble  to take You on tours, trainings, events, ski trips, sightseeing. 

Groups, corporate customers:
Individual customers:

+48 32 728 10 53
tel: +48 504 200 618
mobile: +48 504 200 618