Large buses
Large touring coaches.
New direction of our development is a specialization in large touring coaches hire. Touring coaches fitted with more than standard 49 seats for passengers- 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 76, 83 seats. Disturbances in air transport, searching of solutions allowing to lower the unit cost, makes large double-decker buses suitable solution for some tour operators and made large vehicles one of the leading developments of our fleet and company.

Strong reasons for renting buses large or larger is need to lower coast per passenger, and the possibility of the premises and carry a large group in single vehicle, without the need to split into two buses.

Because large buses are much less popular than standard sized vehicles (49 seats), inquiries about their availability best to send in advance.

The core of our fleet of large buses are:
Solaris Vacanza - touring coach 53 seats + 2
Bova Futura - touring coach 55 seats + 2
Bova Magic Magnum - touring coach 59 seats + 2
Setra 431 DT - touring double-decker coach 83 seats +2